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Additional Services

DODO Juice Wax and Sealers
Details to follow

Cost from - £20

Quick Detail Spray
Details to follow

Cost - £10

Paintwork correction
Paintwork correction to remove swirl marks and light scratches.
Exterior coatings to protect the vehicle for 2+ years.

Services we offer for paint corrections are:

Machine Polish
Machine polishing is a process that involves the use of a specifically designed polisher to remove scratches, blemishes and swirl marks from your vehicles paintwork.

Used in conjunction with the correct cutting compound, machine polishing is the only way to fully revive dull, lifeless paintwork and bring back shine. Hand polishing does have its place in valeting, but a machine will 99% of the time be more effective.

Clay Bar Decontamination treatment
Clay Bar detailing is a process of using a specialist clay bar and using a detailing wetting agent to remove any contaminates.
Your car is under constant attack from contaminants such as tree sap, brake dust, bird droppings and industrial fallout which embed themselves into the surface of the paint work.

These contaminates are not removed even after cleaning and polishing your vehicle and they will have an effect on your cars overall paint finish.

Clay Bar removes these contaminants and will restore your cars paintwork to a smooth, glass like finish

Cost from £20

Alloy Wheel Sealer
Details to follow

Cost from £30

Steam Cleaning
Our steaming service is fully mobile. We carry 200 litres of water, which is necessary for any domestic valeting, where necessary for continued steam cleaning a water supply is needed.

Engine Steam Cleaning
Our engine steam cleaning is done at low pressure so as not to damage or force water into unnecessary areas within the engine. The engine bonnet and bay are pre sprayed to break down oil, dirt and grease and then steam cleaned leaving the engine as oil free as possible.




I am available for appointments Monday to Friday. Please call for a time

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Engine Bay Clean and Dress
Engine and underside of bonnet sprayed with degreaser and agitated rinse clean dried and plastics dressed.

Cost - £20

Leather upholstery feed
All leather is treated with leather balsam to rejuvenate the luxurious feel, prolonging the life of the leather and minimising drying and cracking.
Cost from £10

Headlining will be upholstery cleaned (shampooed) to rid any staining, discolouration, smells or smoke stains.

Cost - £20

Window Sealant Application
Windscreen protection improves wet weather visibility by creating and invisible hydrophobic coating that repels rain sleet and snow. Raindrops beed upon contact with this coating and are blown away by wind flow.

Cost - £20

Pet Hair removal from
Cost from £10

Biological Cleaning
(milk fuel body fluids etc)
Cost from £25

HGV Plant and Machinery
We offer regular cleaning services for fleets of lorries, vans, plant machinery and equipment.

Car Export
Due to the stringent custom control requirements where contamination can be carried in the underbody of a vehicle we pride ourselves in meticulously cleaning the engine bay, underbody, door shuts and wheel arches to meet with these regulations and also providing a letter to verify this process has been carried out.

Patios, drives, blocking paving and stone walls by the use of a surface cleaner that reduces the mess of a direct steam cleaner and gives remarkable results.




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