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Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing

My name Is Nick Thomson and I am extremely passionate about vehicle valeting and detailing, you will speak directly to me when you call and all work is carried out only by myself.

I offer a very personal service to our clients and since I started up in this field of business as a profession in 2004 after working along side a friend of the family since 1995, I have built up an exceptional relationship with a lot of my customers. My reputation for attention to detail and consistently high standards is exactly what my business is built upon, and my clients have now come to expect nothing less from me. I am constantly driven for perfection and my standard of work has risen significantly over the years I have tried and tested huge quantities of products and have meticulously selected my products that give the best finish and most durability.

One of the big differences that sets me apart from the other mobile valetrs is the use of Pure Water, after installing the system in 2011 this has made a huge difference to the process of valeting a vehicle.

What is pure water?
Unlike ordinary tap water that has been treated, pure water contains
non of the minerals found in our drinking water such as potassium,
calcium and magnesium, these are removed through a process known as reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis incorporates a five stage filter system where tap
water is forced through under pressure. Once passed through the system it then goes into a final De -Ionisation vessel that finishes the purification process.

In Doncaster the water is considered to be moderately hard'. This
degree of hardness can be measured on a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. A sample taken from Thorne shows a reading of 250ppm (parts per million). This water would not have the cleaning qualities of pure water and all the impurities measured in the water would result in spotting on the glass and paintwork. Pure water has a TDS reading of 000ppm therefore leaving no trace on the glass or paintwork once dry!


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